Sports Desk: Bangladesh’s star cricketer wicketkeeper-cum-batter Mushfiqur Rahim is not in the team for the upcoming T20 series tour of Zimbabwe. BCB officially says Mushfiqur has been ‘rested’.

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However, there is a buzz in cricket circles that he has actually been dropped from the T20. A Facebook post by Mushfiq added fuel to the fire of the controversy.

Team Director Khaled Mahmood Sujan spoke to the media on Monday (July 25) after the situation became very muddled, where the cricketer indirectly advised Mushfiqur to be more professional.

BCB’s cricket operations hosted a lunch for the cricketers at the Sheraton Hotel in the capital. After participating there, Sujan faced the waiting journalists.

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When asked about Mushfiq’s Facebook post, Khaled Mahmud said, ‘These are many people’s personal matters. I can’t talk about these things. Today I clearly asked everyone to create professionalism.

We have to develop cricket culture, be professional. Naturally, many people may be upset if they are left out of the team.

Former cricketer Sujan stressed on the players to be mentally strong and said, ‘Cricket is a mental game. Stress is the most. Until we can build this culture, we cannot do well.

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He also said, I don’t tell about my job at home or I don’t come to work to tell about my home because I have quarreled with my wife. Same here. Being professional is important. Inner words should not go out. Whoever is giving, whoever is giving, it is not healthy.’

However, Sujan believes that the cricketers will be responsible for correcting these ‘mistakes’, ‘People learn from mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, right? I think this will not happen after today. From today everyone in the national team will be responsible.

Sujan said, they are icons of Bangladesh. Not only on the field, there are many games outside the field as well, which need to be played carefully. I think we will see a more responsible Bangladesh team from today. May we have the satisfaction of trying our best even if we lose. I will try to maintain order outside the field, I can promise that.’

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Incidentally, Mushfiqur Rahim is in the ODI team even though he is on rest from the T20 tour of Zimbabwe. Mushi is scheduled to leave the country with the team for Zimbabwe on the night of July 29.

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