#Kolkata: Even before the start of this year’s festive season, India’s new e-commerce site Meesho is rolling out one surprise after another. In order to ensure that the large quantity of orders reach the door on time, the company has conducted mega recruitment in the field of delivery and logistics. It has also announced 11 consecutive days off for physical and mental rest from October 22nd to November 1st, which is quite novel in Indian work culture, so that the workers do not get overwhelmed by the workload.

But this is not the end. Meesho is also giving its users an opportunity to earn a lot of money using its platform. Many people know that you can open a seller account on e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon and sell your stuff and earn from it. The same can be done through Misho.

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Why not, actually Meesho app is an online store. Online shopping can be done from here. Apart from online shopping it is possible to earn money from here. This type of work is called online reselling. The Misho app offers a variety of products such as clothing, beauty products, home and kitchen appliances. It is possible to earn money by selling these products. There is no limit, the more one works, the more money one can earn.

To use the Misho app, one needs to download it first. It can be downloaded on your phone from play store. Then it is possible to earn money by creating own account in this app and adding bank account. Let’s take a look at how it can be used.

How to Create Account on Meesho App –

After downloading the Misho app, open it. Then you will see the account icon at the bottom. Sign up by clicking on that account icon. After signing up you have to verify your mobile number.

How to add bank account –

For this, everyone must first click on the Misho app. Then go to My Icon option from there. Then there will be an option named My Bank Details, click on it. Then submit all your bank account details there. It is possible to earn money by joining Misho only after submitting all your bank details.

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Ways to Earn Money from Meesho App –

An icon named Learn to Earn with Misho will appear in the Misho app. After clicking on that option you will see Misho Reselling Business or Misho App. There it is told how to earn money from misho app. After watching the full video given there, proceed to the next step.

Then click on Add a product you like to cart icon. In this case, if someone wants to sell the product, then the icon of WhatsApp can be seen to select it. Go there and click on Share option.

The user has to share the same with those who want to sell that product in Ropar WhatsApp contacts. In this case, the people with whom the product will be shared will only see the photo and size of the product. In this case they will not know anything about the price of that product.

In this case, if a product is liked by someone, the order can be placed on their own.

For this, everyone has to open that product first. Then select the size and click on add to cart option. Then go to the cart option and click on the continue button. Then select the payment option with the address.

After selecting it, you have to select the margin of that product i.e. if the price of a product is 100 taka, you can write 50 taka as margin. In this case, the person to whom the product will be delivered will see the price of that product is 150 rupees. In this case, 50 rupees profit will be made from that product.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting this app. Whether you want to use this app or not is up to you.

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