Google Maps Speed ​​Limit Warning: It became clear once again how technology is constantly working for us. It is amazing to think about an app that can save you from road accidents. Or the total lump sum cost of traffic. Or the driving license did not have to be canceled just because of that app. Of course, the phone’s Google Maps can do that. If you think Google Maps is just an address finder app, you’d be wrong. As its benefit is to avoid accidents, interestingly this app can also save the cost of traffic flow.

In this growing age of technology, there is no need to ask anyone for an address to go somewhere. It is not a problem thanks to the pocket mobile phone and google maps. By fixing a place on the map, one can reach the destination without anyone’s help. But few people know that Google Maps is not just for finding addresses, it can also save you from accidents or traffic jams. For this, you just need to activate a tool on Google Maps on your smartphone. This amazing tool is called Speed ​​Limit Warning.

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It not only provides warning of excessive speed but also avoids accidents. Let’s see how Google Maps does this and how this tool works:

To activate the speed limit warning:

To activate this tool of Google Maps, you must first install the Google Maps app.

After opening the app, click on the profile icon on the right side.

Now go to Settings option and go to Navigation Settings.

Here the speed limit setting option has to be selected.

At the bottom of the screen, you have to select the driving option.

By tapping on the Speed ​​Limit and Speedometer option here, this Google Maps tool will be activated on the smartphone and every information about the speed limit will be available at your fingertips.

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Speed ​​limit warning tool feature

Any road often has a speed limit. Exceeding that limit can cause accidents as well as cut off traffic. But this time the speed limit warning tool of Google Maps will warn you if you go beyond the specified speed limit.

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