Drugs, weapons and terrorism: Kim Jong-un’s North Korea, according to a former official
Drugs, weapons and terrorism: Kim Jong-un’s North Korea, according to a former official

Kim Cook-song has not yet given up the old habits of maintaining secrecy and extreme caution in everything.
What can you do? He spent thirty years at the top of some of North Korea’s most influential intelligence agencies.

In Kim Cook’s words, these intelligence agencies are like “eyes, ears and brains” of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The BBC has published an interview with Kim Cook. That’s why we had to talk for weeks to convince him. Even then his worries did not subside.

Kim Cook-song covered her eyes with black glasses before sitting in front of the camera. Only two of the entire BBC team working for the interview knew his real name at the time.

Kim says he has kept the matter a secret for as long as he has served in North Korea. Hired killers sent at various times to kill critics. He even set up an illegal drug lab to fund the revolution.

But in the end, the former North Korean colonel decided to tell the BBC the story of his life. This is the first interview with a high-ranking former military official in Pyongyang in any major international media.

In the interview, Kim said he was North Korea’s “most red among the red,” a loyal communist.

But he has also realized in his own life that no one’s security is guaranteed in North Korea because of rank or allegiance.

He fled to South Korea in 2014 to save his life; Since then, he has lived in Seoul, working for the South Korean intelligence service.

According to him, the North Korean leader is desperate to make money in any way, from selling drugs or weapons in the Middle East or Africa.

In an interview with the BBC’s Laura Biker, Kim talks about the North’s various attacks on South Korea and the strategies behind Pyongyang’s decision-making on various issues.

He claims that North Korea’s spy and cyber networks can operate in any part of the world.

However, the BBC said it was not possible to independently verify his claims, adding that they had been able to confirm his identity and that evidence had been gathered on some of the issues he spoke about.

The North Korean embassy in London and the New York mission were contacted but did not respond, the BBC reported.

For 30 years, Kim Cook-sung has held top positions in several North Korean intelligence agencies. Photo: BBC For 30 years, Kim Cook-sung has held top positions in several North Korean intelligence agencies. Photo: BBC
‘Terror Task Force’

In the last few years of his stay in North Korea, Kim Cook-song has worked in the country’s top intelligence unit. His story at the time gives an idea of ​​the course of events in the early life of the country’s current leader, Kim Jong-un.

In the words of Kim Cook-sang, Kim Jong-un was a young man at the time, busy trying to prove himself as a ‘warrior’.

North Korea’s power was then in the hands of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il. Before he died of a heart attack, he began to work on making the boy his legacy.

Then, in 2009, North Korea set up a new intelligence agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau. The head of the bureau was Kim Young-chol, one of North Korea’s most trusted leaders.

Former Colonel Kim Cook-sung said an order came from the upper house in May 2009. It said a “terror task force” would be set up to assassinate North Korean officials who had betrayed South Korea.

“For Kim Jong-un, it was an attempt to please the supreme leader (his father, Kim Jong-il),” he said. At that time, a “force” was formed to assassinate Huang Zhang-yop. Attempts were made to complete the work under my supervision. ”

One of the most influential leaders in North Korea was Huang Zhang-yop. He is also one of the leading architects in shaping the country’s politics. But in 1996, he sided with South Korea. That’s why the answer could not forgive him. During his stay in Seoul, he once sharply criticized the North Korean regime, which the Kim family wanted to avenge.

But two North Korean majors were captured trying to kill him. They are still being held in Seoul prison.

Pyongyang has always denied any involvement in the plot, claiming that South Korea staged the drama.

Former North Korean colonel Kim Cook-sung, however, said otherwise. In his words, “Terrorism is also a political weapon in North Korea, which protects the dignity of Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un. It is a sign of loyalty to the supreme leader. ”

In 2010, 47 people were killed when a South Korean naval ship, the Cheonan, sank in a torpedo. Pyongyang has denied any involvement in the incident.

In November of that year, two soldiers and two civilians were killed in a North Korean shelling on the South Korean island of Yongpyeong.

Kim Cook-sung said he was not directly involved in the incidents. However, the Reconnaissance General Bureau did not have any of these secrets. They were proud of these events. However, it was not possible for anyone in North Korea to carry out such an attack without the permission of the top leader. Even if he goes to build a road in the country, it takes the permission of the top leader directly.

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Photo: Reuters North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Photo: Reuters
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