#Kolkata: If you take a picture at the puja and it doesn’t look good, then it’s a waste of time to see Tagore. After going out with new clothes, what if you don’t get a good picture? And going out with the camera in this suffocating crowd is also risky. But the way? There are 5 apps like Magic, which will give DSLR touch to mobile images. You don’t have to buy a DSLR at an expense. The picture will be flashed on the mobile phone. Know the names of 5 apps…

1) PixArt:

PixArt is one of the most popular photo editor apps on Android. It has features similar to advanced programs like Photoshop and the ability to add multiple image layers. You can even create collages and banners for your social media using PicsArt.

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2) Snapseed:

It’s not the most feature-rich photo editor app. But easy to use and quite straightforward. You have to select the image you want to edit and you will see different layers and features.

3) Adobe Lightroom:

Lightroom is a photo editor for Android that lets you play with light and color in photos. You can change exposure levels, highlights, shadows and mainly color tones in an image. You can colorize black and white photos with this app.

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4) Canva:

Canva has tons of templates for multiple use cases like Instagram posts, stories, YouTube thumbnails, posters, flyers, invitation cards, etc. If you want to design or edit photos, this app is also possible.

5) Pixler:

No need to log in before you can start editing your photos. You can edit in this app in a very simple and easy way.

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