#Kolkata: The stock market is a place where anyone can find all the money on the street just as easily as goods can be bought. Recently, an incident has come to the fore which has shocked everyone On July 26, 11,677 crore rupees were mistakenly deposited in the demat account of a businessman in Gujarat. It’s like suddenly winning the lottery That person is earning lakhs of rupees by investing 2 crore rupees in the stock market from this money

This incident happened with Ahmedabad share trader Ramesh Bhai Sagar Opened Demat Account with Kotak Securities On July 26, 2022, Rs 11,677 crore suddenly came into Ramesh’s demat account. Recently the money was withdrawn within few hours Ramesh invested 2 crore rupees in the stock market using his own wisdom Due to this, a profit of 5.64 lakh rupees was made in 30 minutes

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‘I make decisions on the fly, benefiting from…’

Ramesh Bhai Sagar said in an interview given to Hindi newspaper Bhaskar – I take decisions immediately, I get benefited for it. 26 He sat down to trade by 9:30 am like every day Suddenly, by checking the main balance, the balance of the account is Tk 11,677 crore

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Sagar said, ‘I invested about 2 crore rupees in the stock market out of the money deposited in the main account Once thought of loss but having some knowledge about the market invested without fear

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