#Jakarta: 24 hours have passed since the earthquake. The death toll continues to climb in Indonesia. So far the death toll is 252. A lot of bodies have been recovered from the ruins. However, the death toll is expected to rise. Because at least 31 people are still missing. The number of injured in the earthquake is 372. Several of them are in critical condition.

The epicenter of the earthquake was the area of ​​Cianjur. The magnitude of the earthquake is 5.6 on the Richter scale. The earthquake also caused a lot of damage in Java. Several houses in Java started shaking after the earthquake. Several multi-storey buildings started collapsing. Many died by being buried under the multi-story. The rescue operation started from Monday. Then many bodies were recovered. The injured have been rescued and admitted to local hospitals.

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According to the local administration, the number of dead in the earthquake so far is 252. However, rescue operations are still going on in full swing. 31 people are still missing. A search has also started for them. The eastern part of Java is densely populated. The earthquake caused severe damage in this area. A lot of people came down to the street from the high floors due to the tremors of the earthquake. Several high-rises also collapsed.

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At least 100 of the injured are in critical condition. The epicenter of the earthquake is the area of ​​Cianju. This area has been hit the hardest by earthquakes. So far the highest number of dead has been reported from this area. Most of the high-rises were demolished from the area of ​​Cianju. Roads have also collapsed in many areas. Common people are now in great fear of this deadly earthquake.

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