Currently, the number of YouTubers is increasing by leaps and bounds. YouTubers try to reach more users to increase the views of their YouTube videos. For this almost everyone share their YouTube video link with their friends and family. But one can share a small part of the video with their friends and family without sharing the link of the entire YouTube video. For this you have to use the YouTube clip feature. Video link can be shared with this clip.

YouTube has YouTube Clips feature for users. Using this feature of YouTube you can cut any important part of YouTube video and share it with your friends and family. It is also possible to share the video link with the clip. In this case, the person to whom the clip of the video is sent, clicks on that link and that part of the video will be played first.

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YouTube Clips Features –

To use this feature of YouTube, everyone must first open the YouTube app on the smartphone. Then open the video that users want to share. Features like like, dislike, share, download etc. can be seen below that YouTube video. Along with all these features there will be an option called Clip. Now click on that clip option. Then rename the clip. Now the YouTube video editing option will be available to cut that video. Here users can trim and cut the particular part of the YouTube video as per their choice. After editing that YouTube video, click the share clip button. At the same time copy the link of that video and share it.

YouTube Handle Features –

Recently it was known that YouTube is going to bring account handle feature to their users very soon. This account handle feature is stocked on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. It is known that YouTube users will also be able to use this feature very soon. According to reports, this feature is still being tested by YouTube. Once this feature is launched, all YouTube creators and viewers will have their own YouTube handle.

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