#Kolkata: The Durand Cup is past. East Bengal is mainly playing reserve bench in Kolkata league. There, the first match against Khidirpur was a draw, but the second match against Erian was lost due to rain. But on the fifth day at the center of excellence Real Red Yellow played a practice match against the Kashmir team. The score line is 3-0 in favor of East Bengal.

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There was no goal in the first half. However, the ball was more at East Bengal’s feet. But then in the second half, the red and yellow power gradually increased. The red and yellow footballers were entering the opponent’s box by playing two to four passes. Brazilian Clayton Silva scored the first goal. Sumit Pasi scored the second goal.

The third goal came from the feet of Sauvik Chakraborty, who came in as a substitute footballer. The Durand Cup saw a red-and-yellow defense with no understanding except for Spanish defender Ivan Gonzales. But today it was seen that Jerry, Ankit too have adapted themselves. Brazilian Alex Lima played intelligent football in midfield.

However, Jordan Doherty of Australia is going to be the nucleus of this red and yellow team. He maintains the perfect balance between defense and attack. At the end of the match, coach Stephen Constantine was seen to hurdle the footballers. It is understood that the British coach does not believe in playing pretty football.

Direct football and the opponent understands that counter-attacking football is his real weapon. That is what he tried to achieve through practice. But Brazilian Silva seems to be getting better as time goes on. Suher is developing an understanding with him.

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