#Kolkata: Wait for some more time. Then Yuva Bharati is going to witness the first ever East Bengal vs AK Mohun Bagan derby in ISL history. One of the best derbies in the world is the Ghati-Bengal, the eternal duel of Hilsa-Shrimp. Football is in Bengali blood. And this one day on the football field, Bengal was divided into two groups and cheered for their favorite team. This mega fight of red-yellow versus green-maroon has witnessed a lot of history. Ahead of the first derby of the ISL in Kolkata, we take a look back at the 5 best matches in derby history.

1. 30 September 1975, East Bengal 5-Mohun Bagan 0: If we talk about the best match in the history of East Bengal-Mohun Bagan derby, we have to talk about the red-yellow shield win on September 30, 1975. During the period from 1970 to 1975, East Bengal won the Calcutta League 6 times along with the All India Trophy and the Shield by winning this mega match. East Bengal beat Mohun Bagan 5-0. Shyam Thapa scored 2 goals and Ranjit Mukherjee, Surjit Sengupta and Subhankar Sanyal scored 1 goal each for the red and yellows. Unable to bear the shock of this loss, Mohun Bagan supporter Umakant Paldhi committed suicide.

2. 13 July 1997, East Bengal 4 – Mohun Bagan 1: The semi-final of the Federation Cup on July 13, 1997 will forever be remembered in derby history. On that day, Yuva Bharati created a record in terms of viewership. More than 1 lakh 31 thousand spectators were present that day to watch the eternal battle between Bengal and Ghati. The then Mohun Bagan coach Amal Dutt’s diamond system was blown away by East Bengal. The Red-Yellow Brigade beat Mohun Bagan 4-1. Nazimul Haque scored the first goal for East Bengal, followed by four goals including a hat-trick by Baichung, while Chima Okeri scored for Mohun Bagan.

3. 2007, Mohun Bagan 4-East Bengal 3: The best USP of Kolkata derby in 2007 was Subrata Bhattacharya of the green and maroon who was the red and yellow coach at that time. Football fans were treated to one of the best bone-chilling matches in derby history. Match result Mohan Bagan 4, East Bengal 3. First half goals from Lalam Puia, Barreto and Venkatesh gave Sailboat a 3-0 lead. Mohan supporters began to dream of avenging the 5-0 defeat in 1975. But Subrata Bhattacharya is not the one to give up. East Bengal made a comeback in the second half. Alvito scored two goals and Ednilsson scored one. But Venkatesh scored his second goal to give Mohun Bagan the win.

4. 25 October 2009, Mohun Bagan 5 – East Bengal 3: This match is seen by Mohun Bagan fans as revenge for the loss in 1975. Chidi Ade, a Nigerian footballer in green and maroon, played brilliantly in this historic match. Manish Maithani scored one goal for Mohun Bagan along with Chidi’s four goals. On the other hand, Gol Yakubu 2 and Nirmal Chhetri scored 1 for East Bengal. If not 5-0, Mohun Bagan won by 5-3. The important thing is that Subhash Bhowmick, one of the partners in East Bengal’s victory in that big match of 1975, was the coach of East Bengal in this match.

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5. 6 September 2015, East Bengal 4 – Mohun Bagan 0: This match is the biggest derby win in recent times. Korean footballer Doo Dong Hyun scored twice for Biswajit Bhattacharya’s East Bengal. He gifted the fans with two excellent goals from free kicks. Many compared it with Messi’s free kick. Rahul Bheke and Rafique scored the other two goals.

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