#Kolkata: Baichung Bhutia has come to Kolkata on a surprise visit. He came to East Bengal Club on Tuesday. He visited the club’s new museum. He stood for a while after seeing the picture of winning the ASEAN Cup. Then he faced the journalists. Baichung feels that there is a political touch in the way the federation’s election process is set up.

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Pahari Biche has even expressed his desire to work with his rival Kalyan Chaube in the future. In addition, the praise of Stephen Constantine was heard in his voice. Baichung thought Stephen Can always give results. He has done that in the past. At one time Indian football was ranked 170. From there, Stephen brought India into the first 100.

India beat Thailand by a huge margin during his tenure. drew against China. He himself played under Stephen. Besides, Stephen brought footballers like Deepak Mondal, Mahesh Gowli, Tamba Singh. So Baichung is confident that the British coach will bring several young footballers to the Emami East Bengal team this time as well.

Baichung appealed to the red and yellow fans to be patient. Because the East Bengal team was formed only a few days ago. Didn’t get enough practice. He is hopeful that Stephen, with his wisdom and experience, will take the team to a better place before the start of the ISL.

East Bengal lost in the Kolkata derby by a suicide goal. Baichung felt that East Bengal was not quite ready mentally and physically. It got more time than Mohun Bagan. Despite this, the red and yellow footballers fought.

Had this game been a few days later, the result could have been different. Baichung was surprised to hear that only one footballer had experience playing in the derby. The remaining ten had their first derby. Pahari Bich has no doubt that East Bengal will do much better in the ISL than the last two times.

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