#Kolkata: Mohun Bagan club canteen is not a strange place for those who have been to watch football matches regularly at Kolkata Maidan. From Chicken Stew to Bread Toast, Ghugni, vegetables Chop and Fish Cutlet was the most famous menu here. East Bengal Club canteen is not like that. If you want to watch the East Bengal game, you have to eat in the police tent. In the last few years, however, Red Yellow opened the cafeteria in the era of modernity.

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Mohun Bagan officials are decorating the club tent in a new way. The interior of the club has already been renovated by a famous designer. Gate named after Chuni Goswami and dressing room named after PK Bandopadhyay. Installing the air cooler in the press box. A separate game room for VIPs is also being constructed.

This time, not only chicken stew or ghugni, you can also eat egg roll and chicken roll in this canteen. There are also different types of chowmein. It does not end here. From parathas, potato dums to various types of chops, omelettes, meat curries, various types of thalis are also available in this club canteen.

The owner of Kazuda ie canteen said that even in the modern era, food prices have been kept as low as possible. But the new menu has been added keeping the audience in mind. In the past, Gangapar’s club meals were on the menu for footballers and coaches before or after practice. Now to see how this new team reacts to the food of Mohunbagan canteen.

However, no mistake has been made in the quality and taste of the food, said the canteen owner. Apart from this, there is also a shiny canteen, air-conditioned.

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