#New Delhi: Meta’s own platform, Facebook, has informed a large number of its users that their account information has been stolen. It has been reported by Meta that the account information of Facebook users is not secure. Due to the lack of adequate security, the information of this large number of users has become unprotected. Facebook apps downloaded from Apple and Alphabet’s software stores are known to have such problems.

The agency announced on Friday that it has detected more than 400 such malicious Android and iOS apps this year. The main target of these apps is to steal users’ log-in information. Meta has already told Apple and Google to remove these apps from their Play Store. These apps include a variety of photo editors, mobile games and health tracker apps, Facebook said. Apple has informed that they have removed 45 apps out of 400 malicious apps already listed in their App Store. But there is no word yet on whether all such malicious apps have been removed from Google’s Play Store. As a result, the question mark remains.

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Cybercriminals are targeting a variety of popular apps, said David Agranovich, Director of Global at Mater. Through all those apps they are stealing different types of user information. Apart from this, users’ account information is being stolen through the same types of malicious apps as popular apps. Users are asked to log into Facebook if they download any of these malicious apps. If you step into that trap and log in with your Facebook password, all the information goes into the hands of fraudsters.

Such apps include a variety of photo editor apps, which can edit photos and upload them to Facebook. Director of Global, David Agranovich, said that such a variety of malicious activities have been observed on Facebook. However, not all of the 1 million users’ passwords were stolen.

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