#Kolkata: Durand Cup started in Bengal is going to prove again that Bengal is the Mecca of Indian football. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the century-old pride Durand Cup on a day of shame in Indian football. August 16 will be the day that Durand will start.

On Tuesday evening, 1 hour before the start of the game, the chief minister traditionally inaugurated the tournament by shooting a football. State Sports Minister Arup Biswas and State Sports Minister Manoj Tiwari were next to him. Army officials were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurates 131 St Durand cup Eastern Command Chief of Staff KK Repswal had earlier informed that Chief Minister will be present at the inauguration and President at the final. But this is not the first time, the Chief Minister of Bengal has already inaugurated this tournament in 2019. The army has informed that they will organize most of the Durand Cup matches in Bengal until 2025.

They have been assured of all kinds of help from the West Bengal government. Also on behalf of the army was Rana Pratap Kalita. The Chief Minister met the footballers of both the teams. He motivated them to become great footballers in the future.

Everyone knows that football unites people. The sports-loving Chief Minister of Bengal has taken various steps for the development of football before. Apart from helping the three majors, he also helped the smaller clubs in many ways.

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