Sun News Desk: The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), the UK’s electricity and gas price regulator, has decided to increase the price of LP gas by 80 percent. Ofgame chief executive Jonathan Brearley told Reuters on Friday (August 27).

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He said, from next October, the annual cost of LP gas for UK residents will reach from 1,227 pounds to 3,519 pounds (Tk. 3,92,544), which is 80 percent higher than the current cost.

Jonathan Brearley told Reuters that the government was forced to take the step because the supply of fuel gas from the country has decreased due to the imposition of massive economic sanctions on Russia as a punishment for military operations by Russian forces in Ukraine.

However, he also admitted that this huge increase in the price of gas will have a serious impact on the normal life in the UK.

The country’s consumer rights activist Martin Lewis termed the decision to increase gas prices as a ‘disaster’ and said that people on limited incomes in the country will not be able to pay the increased price. And if they don’t get gas to cook and heat their homes, many people will die this winter.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has only two weeks left as the country’s head of government, said at a press conference on Friday that the government has already decided on this. His successor, the Prime Minister, will announce financial assistance to save the common people from the impending disaster.

But I think not everyone should be covered under this financial assistance scheme. The wealthiest people in the country could be left out of the scheme,’ said Johnson.

Last May, the UK government announced that it would give people a £400 discount on their annual electricity and household gas bills this winter. But if the price of gas is really increased by this amount, it is questionable how much the price reduction will benefit the common people.

Gas prices have risen in other European countries due to reduced supplies from Russia, but in the UK they are rocketing. The UK is particularly dependent on gas and the recent price hike has left the people of the country reeling.

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Meanwhile, differences of opinion emerged between the two prime ministerial candidates of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, on how to help the people in this situation. Sunac advocates providing financial assistance to ordinary citizens, while Trus advocates tax cuts instead of providing financial assistance.

The opposition Labor Party is worried about the impending disaster. “The government should now declare a state of emergency across the country,” party spokeswoman Rachel Reeves told Reuters.

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