Google Celebrates Diwali: Diwali is going to start all over India next week. But from now the preparation of the festival has started all over the country. Everyone has already started decorating the house for this festival of lights. Big companies like search giant Google have also participated in this festival of Diwali. Google has brought Diwali surprise for their users.

The company has announced that the Diwali search text box has been introduced for users in India. From now on, users in India will see a search textbox with Diwali on Google pages. Google’s official Twitter handle @GoogleIndia has informed that the page will open when users in India search for Diwali or type Diwali in the search bar. This page has a Diwali surprise for users in India, featuring several lit lamps and a dazzling light show.

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Keeping in mind the festival of Diwali, Google India has brought this fancy search textbox. This Diwali search text box will be opened if Indian users go to Google and search by writing Diwali. Where it is decorated very beautifully keeping Diwali in mind. Diwali is written in English at the top of this page. There are many types of lamps used on that page and the festival is written in English at the bottom. Bright stars are used around that lamp.

The bright star is shining behind the lamp. When users move the cursor, the light will spread across the screen. After that they can light the lamp one by one by hand. Keeping in mind the festival of Diwali, Google has arranged their Diwali page very beautifully.

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Users can search this beautiful animation by typing ‘Diwali’ or ‘Diwali 2022’ on Google. It can be seen in the Google Mobile app on Android and Apple devices on smartphones. In this case, on clicking on any lamp on the mobile, the bright lamp will appear on the mobile screen of the users. With one click of the users, the bright lamp will appear on the entire screen of the mobile, laptop and computer. Keeping in mind the upcoming Diwali festival in India, Google has come up with this fancy outfit.

Let’s take a look at how to light up your device’s screen –

– For this, first of all, the search window of the Google browser should be opened.

– Then go there and search for ‘Diwali’ or ‘Diwali 2022’ keywords.

– Then Diwali text will be seen on the top of the screen. A burning lamp will be seen on one side.

– Then click on that lamp.

– After moving the cursor, the light will flash.

– More lights will appear on the screen, but they are not lit.

– Now if the burning lamp touches the others one by one, they will also light up.

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