Sun News Desk: Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said that the Prime Minister will sit with the Ministry of Energy and everyone related to it.

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He said this in response to questions from reporters in his office at the secretariat on Wednesday (August 10) afternoon.

Regarding the increase in the price of energy, the Finance Minister said, ‘It has been worked on. The price has been increased by working. The relevant ministry said why the price increased. I won’t say anything beyond that. The prime minister will sit with all those who are involved with it.’

Mustafa Kamal said, “If the price of oil increases, the price of everything increases, it is normal.” The government is working on the matter.’

Mustafa Kamal said, “Of course, it will be done.” I have been saying again and again that the combined price level… If the price increases there (in the world market), it will also increase here. If it decreases there, it will also decrease here.’

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Bangladesh Bank has ordered the removal of treasury chiefs of six banks, when asked about its effect, the finance minister said, ‘If help is not done the way it needs to be, then there is a problem. How much money you can keep in your bank, how much dollars you keep, how much you keep in cash, that matters. If you keep it outside, it will seem like you are doing something else. I do not know the matter properly.’

When asked about the fact that the price of the dollar is increasing, he said, ‘There is no country in the world where the price of the dollar has not increased. The dollar has risen everywhere. Everyone suffers from it. Those who are fighting are also suffering. Those who are increasing the war, they are also not out of it.’

Mentioning that people are in dire straits, the Finance Minister further said, ‘Government is working for poor people. Government is for everyone. But there are several initiatives with incentives for poor people. It is the responsibility of the government to help the people and keep them well. That work is being done by the government and will be done. I hope the bad times will pass.’

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