#Kolkata: A sudden gust of wind brought ‘wind’ At the end of the festival season, there is a sudden wave in the cinema hall with Bangladesh 4th Film Festival Because the wind is coming Hawa was released in Bangladesh a few days ago And before the release of that film, two Bengalis were in a frenzy with songs like ‘Sada-Sada Kala Kala’ or ‘Atta Baje Deri Karis Na’. Those songs were the songs of the movie ‘Hawa’

Then the film was released in Bangladesh but not released in India For the first time the people of Kolkata and across Bengal will see it There has been excitement about it for natural reasons Hawa will be screened on Nandan 1 on October 29 at 1 pm and 6 pm Monday, i.e. October 31 at Nandan 2 at 6 PM and Wednesday November 2, Nandan 2 at 6 PM.

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From October 29 to October 2, multiple films of Bangladesh will be shown on Nandan Screen No. 1 and Screen No. 2 and 3 The film festival will be organized under the initiative of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Bangladesh and under the management of Bangladesh Deputy High Commission, Kolkata.

Dr. will be present as the chief guest in the opening ceremony. Hasan Mahmud, Babul Supriya will be present. Renowned film director Gautam Ghosh will be present as a special guest.

A number of images will be displayed Among them are several films like ‘Beauty Circus’, ‘Aarang’, ‘Paraan’, ‘Kalbela-‘. This film festival will continue from 12 noon to 8 pm Notably, actors Jaya Ahsan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mosharraf Karim will attend this film festival In other words, the best stars of the Bangladeshi film industry are coming On Wednesday afternoon, Anadalib Ilyas shared the information in a press conference at the press club

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