North 24 Parganas: Qatar World Cup Football 2022 has started. Football loving people have chosen their favorite team along with their favorite player. In the frenzy of the World Cup, the streets of the neighborhood are decorated with the flags of different teams in the passion of Bengalis. And this time, a Messi fan unveiled a statue of his favorite football star with the money he earned from running his own tea shop.

Ichapur Nawabganj is a tea seller by profession. The Argentina Fan Club was formed under his initiative. And from the money earned by running that shop, Shiva Patra unveiled the statue of Argentine football star Lionel Messi. Former national team player Sangram Mukhopadhyay and other members of Ichapur Argentina Fan Club were also present at this event of Messi fans.

Shibe Patra, a fan of Argentina, said that Messi has won all the trophies in the world. All that remains is to lift the World Cup trophy. Their hope is that Messi will win the Qatar Football World Cup this year. Footballer Sangram Mukhopadhyay said, he is also a fan of Argentina. So, like others, he is hopeful that Argentina will win this World Cup. On this day, Argentina fans are given sweets and cheer for their favorite player.

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Incidentally, Messi fans were also seen in Barasat Kalikapur on this day to paint the whole area in blue and white color. Besides, with the pictures of the favorite player Messi, there is a festive mood around the World Cup in the whole area. Countless fans are waiting to see the magic of Messi on the field of this World Cup.

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