#Kolkata: Actress Aindrila Sharma is teaching what is really fighting. For the past one week, he has been fighting against his terminal illness with the prayers of all. From his closest friends to his numerous fans — everyone said one thing, ‘Fight Aindrila’. A few days ago, Sabyasachi Chowdhury gave some hopeful news about Aindrila’s physical condition. But still Aindrila is not completely safe.

Even after 10 days, the actress has not regained consciousness. Instead, the infection increased. He also has a fever. But Bharasa Aindrila’s age. According to reports on Saturday, the actress’ fever has reached 100. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, doctors can’t say anything about Aindrila’s body correctly. Doctors hope that Aindrila will be able to fight because of her young age.

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According to hospital sources, Aindrila is still kept on C-Pap support, she has not regained consciousness. The actress is in a frenzy. On Tuesday, it was known that a new infection has been detected in the body of the actress. But with antibiotics it was very much under control. However, doctors still think that fever is not a good sign.

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Aindrila Sharma has been admitted to a private hospital in Howrah since November 1 due to a sudden brain stroke. He had beaten cancer twice before and returned to work. But the actress is fighting with illness again. After several surgeries, Aindrila has turned around before. This time too, his fans and family are waiting for that turn around.

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