#Kolkata: How is actress Aindrila Sharma? Colleagues from her fans are worried about the sudden illness of the popular actress. According to Howrah hospital sources, Aindrila’s physical condition has not changed. His condition is still critical. The actress suffered a blood clot in her head due to a brain stroke. He underwent surgery on Tuesday night. Since then, the heroine is in a coma.

Two units of packed red blood cells or PRBCs were given on Thursday evening. He is given vasopressor for ventilation to keep blood pressure very low. As a result, his blood pressure has become somewhat normal. Currently blood pressure is 110/70. Pulse rate is 112 per minute.

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Aindrila is currently on seven types of strong drugs. Steroids, anti biotics, IV fluids etc. are being administered. Necessary tests have already been done. He was taken to a private hospital in the city on Tuesday night. The 24-year-old actress was in a state of exhaustion. The right side of the body was almost numb. It is also known that he was vomiting repeatedly before going to the hospital. He is already suffering from retroperitoneal ewing sarcoma. A 19 cm tumor in the right lung was surgically removed. Examination revealed that he was suffering from intracranial haemorrhage.

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Aindrila’s mother Shikha Sharma was contacted by a media to know about her daughter’s physical condition. He said, ‘We have nothing else to do except to pray. Let’s all pray for him for a speedy recovery. Doctors say that nothing can be said if 48 hours are not passed. Everyone is in the hospital, including his grandmother. i am home alone Very worried.’

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