No matter what people say, no matter what happens, it’s hard to find people who say the same about films. No matter how much the number of photos has increased in the era of smartphones, the photos of loved ones taken by oneself are always dearer than life itself. In addition to talking, smartphones are widely used for taking pictures. Because the new smartphone takes pictures and the camera is ace. So smartphone is enough to take pictures while traveling.

In a word, smartphone is now like a memory album. But sometimes important photos are deleted by mistake. In such a situation, there is no option but to hand over the head. However, even if the photos or videos are deleted from the smartphone with a trick, they can be easily recovered.

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Be it Android or iPhone- deleted photo recovery doesn’t have to call detectives at least. Most smartphones already have their own gallery or a photo app, so users can view photos. Apart from that, movies and videos are stored in it and the memories continue to be played over time. Once photos are accidentally deleted from this gallery or photo app, first they go to trash bin/folder. Here once deleted images are stored for some time. Within a few days, users can get back the photos from there.

Stay on Google Photos on your phone

The Google Photos app is now available on all Android smartphones. All the photos of the phone can be stored safely through this app. Along with this, there is also an option to back up. If an important picture is accidentally deleted from the phone, then the user can restore that picture to the phone with the help of Google Photos app. For this, all the photos on the phone must be synced with the Google Photos app beforehand. Also, backup should be enabled in Google Photos beforehand.

How to Recover Photos:

  • First, open Google Photos on your smartphone.
  • Then select the Library tab from the bottom navigation bar.
  • You will see four options at the top, from there you have to select Bin.
  • Now deleted photos can be recovered. Just remember that photos can only be recovered within 60 days of deletion.

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Recover deleted photos or data from memory card

If a photo is deleted from the phone or memory card, it can be easily recovered. For this first you have to insert the memory card in the laptop or computer system with the help of card reader. After that the image or data can be recovered with the help of any recovery software.

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