#Mumbai: Alia Bhatt gave birth to a daughter on the morning of November 6. Since then fans have no end of enthusiasm. What will be the name of the girl? Who did he look like? In the future or with whom will match more? Mother Alia or father Ranbir Kapoor? But no pictures of the newborn have come out yet.

So Alia’s fanpage has solved all the questions. They posted the ‘future picture’ of ‘Ralia’ daughter. The fans are not moving their eyes from the picture. Netizens are impressed with Ranveer and Alia’s beauty match. Baby Alia or Baby Ranveer? Which is better to say?

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In fact, Ranveer and Alia’s photos have been manipulated using a special photo app. As a result, a picture of a footy girl has come to light. Her face resembles that of both the star couple.

Posting the picture, it is written, ‘Will Ranveer-Alia’s daughter look like this in the future? What do you think?’

Alia left the hospital at exactly 9 am on Thursday. Three-four cars stopped outside HN Reliance Hospital for him on time. And there is a glimpse of Ranveer holding his daughter. Alia is sitting next to her.

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This time, the big festival is in the Kapoor family. Even if you don’t reach him, you can get a glimpse. Neetu Kapoor, Soni Razdan and Mahesh Bhatt must have arranged the house entry for the granddaughter. The Bhatt-Kapoor family is floating in the tide of happiness.

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