International Desk: The war between Ukraine and Russia has been going on for almost a year. Where it ends is still unknown. In such a situation, China is showing friendship from the side.

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“Beijing will continue to support Russia in the difficult times it is going through,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The Chinese foreign minister announced the support during a phone conversation with the Russian foreign minister on Thursday (October 27). The Russian news agency Tas has published the news with such news.

Incidentally, the Russian Foreign Minister telephoned the Chinese Foreign Minister after Chinese President Xi Jinping got the opportunity to serve as president for another five years.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on the phone that China will provide the necessary support for Russia to come out of the combined pressure of Western countries.

Wang Yi also said that the Russian president’s attempt to lead by uniting the people of his country is strengthening Russia’s status as an important power in the international arena.

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According to the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, China and Russia have the right to understand their own development. Any attempt to block the development of China and Russia will not succeed.

Mutual trust and support will continue to take the development and prosperity of the two countries to a higher level and the two countries are committed to work together.

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Top diplomats of the two countries expressed hope to bring the tumultuous world to a stable level.

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