Sun News Desk: Anant Jalil is a popular actor of Dhakai cinema. The star announced that he will watch ‘Din the Day’ with 74 artists of the country. He also invited artists for this. But the artists did not respond to his call.

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Expressing regret for this, Anant said, ‘There was no lack of effort. But what if they do not come!’

The actor spoke to reporters after the screening of the movie ‘Din The Day’ on a certain day. At that time he said, ‘We talk about the film family, but when we don’t see it at work, it hurts a lot. I have invited the film family – will meet together, watch movies, talk to you (journalists). Then everyone will think that we have unity. But I won’t if I try alone. Everyone should have this mindset.’

Although contacted many people, most of the artistes have shown excuses or reasons, Anant said, ‘I called Babita Apa, she did not pick up the phone. I have spoken with Champa Appa. We thought that since they were three sisters, one sister would call another sister. They are the crown of our heads. Although I have not spoken to Babita Apa, Suchanda Apa, I have spoken to Champa Apa. We have a very good relationship. He heard and said, we know you very well, you are trying to do something.

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‘I have sent many SMS to Alamgir Bhai, no reply. Later I came to know that he is from Calcutta. Still I sent a letter home with my bodyguard writing the name of Runa Laila Apa, Alamgir’s brother. I could not find Rubel Bhai. I am his fan. Later I gave invitation card and voice message. I called Apu Biswas several times. Later, he said, he is sleeping. I said to Eman. He said, brother, I will not miss anything. But he didn’t come.’

Anant says with pain, ‘The more I show honesty, the more I see someone pulling my legs from behind. As much as I want to climb this ladder and take the film to a better place, I find it holding me back. These are very difficult!’

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