Sun News Desk: The registration process of ICT Olympiad Bangladesh, the country’s biggest event, is going to start. Besides, the official website of ICT Olympiad Bangladesh will also be unveiled on the same day.

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On Thursday (July 28) a youth-oriented colorful program has been organized at KIB Complex in the capital at 3 pm.

Monir Hossain, a member of the board of directors of ICT Olympiad Bangladesh, said that this Olympiad will be held among students in six categories to popularize ICT education from pre-school to university. The total prize money of this competition will be 50 lakhs.

Another member of the board of directors Mohammad Shahriar Khan said, ‘This competition is organized to make our students timely in the fourth industrial revolution. Hundreds of thousands of students from schools, colleges and universities across the country will participate in this competition organized by Creative IT Institute and Whistle.

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ICT Olympiad Bangladesh registration booths will be set up in every remote area of ​​the country so that even grassroot level students of the country can be enlightened with the knowledge of ICT.

All the information of this program can be known through the website. Students can expand their ICT knowledge through skilled mentors up to five months after registration.

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Incidentally, the organizers said that the ICT Olympiad is going to be organized in the country keeping in mind that the students of Bangladesh should advance through world-class knowledge in the ICT sector.

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