Sun News Desk: Import of green pepper from India has started through Hili land port in Dinajpur. On Saturday (August 6) at noon, 60 metric tons of raw chillies were imported from India in 6 trucks.

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A sudden drop in the supply of raw chillies in the country’s market has led to an increase in prices. As a result, the Bangladesh government issued an import permit for the import of green chillies from India. Finally the import of raw chillies from India will reduce the price of raw chillies in the domestic market.

Kamrul Islam, deputy commissioner of Hili land customs station, said that considering the interests of the country’s farmers, the import of green pepper from India was stopped from November 10 last year. The government of Bangladesh has again decided to import raw chili from India due to the increase in the price of raw chili in the country’s market. So far, two importers from Hili land port have received permission to import 2,000 metric tons of green chillies.

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Jamil Hossain Chalant, importer of green chillies at Hili land port, said that the price of green chillies has been increasing for some time. Chilli is being imported from India to ensure adequate supply in the market and prices within the reach of buyers. The import of green chillies from India through the port started on Saturday afternoon. After release, the imported raw chillies are being sent from the port to different parts of the country.

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