#Kolkata: Emigration is steeped in Indian football. The FIFA ban set back Indian football for a few more years. Indian football team has to start again from scratch. Even with this relegation, the damage done to Indian football has been done.

FIFA expels Indian Football Federation for ‘third party’ interference All the complications in taking over the responsibility of the committee appointed by the Supreme Court. The FIFA delegation visiting India had given the AIFF the time frame for the election. But that warning did not reach the ears of the federation officials.

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Indian football team will not be able to play in any international competition for now. Sunil Chhetri will not be able to play in any international match. But this ban of deportation has hung over several countries before. Recently FIFA also expelled the Pakistan Football Association. However, the ban was lifted a month and a half ago.

Iraq was banned by FIFA in 2009. Iraq’s football association was intervened by their country’s Olympic committee. So they were banned by FIFA.

In 2011, the Bosnian Football Federation was banned by FIFA. According to the rules of FIFA, the committee of the Bosnia Football Association was not formed. Such was the complaint.

Nigeria was relegated by FIFA in 2014. A local court in Nigeria has ordered a bureaucrat in that country to run the football federation. Later the court revoked the deportation order.

In 2016, Guatemala and Kuwait were expelled by FIFA. Allegations of corruption were against the football officials of these two countries.

Pakistan was banned by FIFA in 2021. Some of the Pakistani football bosses took power from the committee appointed by FIFA.

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Venezuela narrowly escaped FIFA relegation in 2010. Venezuela’s Supreme Court appointed its own committee to the football organization. That’s how FIFA got stuck.

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