#Dubai: One didn’t need to be a cricket expert to know that India would beat Hong Kong. But no one could have thought that the team would fight so much. Although Hong Kong in the past Afghanistan And lost Bangladesh. So India knew they had the ability to fight. Nizhekat Khan and Murtaza went back with short runs.

But then Babar Hayat raised India’s concern. This cricketer born in Pakistan beat the Indian bowlers and picked up 50 on the scoreboard in the power play. He was dismissed by Jadeja for 41 runs. After that India had the last laugh even though the rest struggled. However, Rohit Sharma said that the Indian bowlers need to improve.

As much as Hardik Pandya’s all-round performance against Pakistan in the first match of the Asia Cup was talked about, Virat Kohli’s 35 was not. But after the first wicket fell, Virat’s innings was crucial. Sourav Ganguly could clearly see Virat returning to form. The proof that the eyes of the board president did not speak wrong was found today.

The opponent in the second match was Hong Kong. Although not compared to India on the edge, today’s wicket was very slow. The ball did not want to come into the bat. Rohit Sharma, Rahul had to fall into a lot of trouble. But Virat started today with the mindset of running. Took some time at first. Then he started his usual game. Just as Chuchro took the run, he sent the loose ball out of bounds. He also hit a six.

Surya Kumar assisted him. Hong Kong’s anonymous bowlers bowled great lines and lengths. It was quite difficult to score runs on this wicket. Ehsan, Murtaz, Shukla bowled well enough. But Virat Kohli stayed on the wicket, fought. Most importantly, he completed his half century. After a long time, King Kohli scored a half century in T20 cricket.

On the other hand, praise should be given to the sun. No wonder this innings will give Virat much needed confidence in the next matches. Couldn’t be better news for Indian cricket. It was obvious how stressed he was. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Virat revealed that there is good news for his fans as he returns to form.

The Hong Kong team is mostly made up of people of Pakistani and Indian origin. Virat Kohli said the most interesting thing today. Rohit Sharma brought him into the attack in the 17th over.

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