Sun News Desk: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja said, India had conspired to send Pakistan out of the World Cup! However, that conspiracy did not work. Because Allah is with them.

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PCB Chairman Ramiz Raza tweeted after Pakistan reached the semi-finals. He mentioned a verse from the Holy Quran only in that tweet. He referred to the English translation of verse 30 of Surah Anfal. Which means, ‘They also plan. God also plans. And Allah’s plan is the best of all.’

After this tweet of Ramiz Raja, the Indian media thinks that it is to poke India. Because, the meaning is clear. India conspired; But that conspiracy did not work because Allah was with Pakistan. Because Allah is the best planner. Indians are seen retweeting Ramiz Raja’s tweets the most.

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There have been repeated complaints from Pakistan and Bangladesh about the ‘conspiracy’ theory against India in this World Cup. They complain that India is being given extra advantage in the World Cup. The ICC has paved the way for Rohit Sharma to easily reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. India is being pulled by doing various controversial activities, biased umpiring.

Among those complainants was Ramiz Raja. After India’s loss to South Africa, he questioned Rohit Sharma’s game mentality. The PCB chairman increased the controversy when Pakistan reached the semi-finals. He poked India in a different way.

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On the other hand, Pakistan captain Babar Azam praised the entire team after defeating Bangladesh to reach the semi-finals. He said, ‘It is the result of team play. Cricket is really a very fun game. No praise is enough for the way our team’s cricketers made it to the last four. The semi-finals are ahead. I will start that plan from now.’

Babar said that it was not very easy to bat on Adelaide’s wicket. But the Pakistan captain felt that the team’s batsmen played well on that wicket. He said, ‘It was not very easy to bat on this pitch. There were two speeds. A ball was coming fast into the bat. A ball was coming to rest. So I was having trouble playing shots.’

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Even though the team won, Babar is not happy with his and Rizwan’s performance. He said that the pressure on the middle order is increasing as they are not scoring runs. Pak captain said, ‘Me and Rizwan wanted to play till the end. But unfortunately that didn’t happen. But Haris batted aggressively. Nice to see him. But now I am not thinking about my batting. I am looking forward to playing the semi-finals.

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