The video streaming system is literally around the world. Be it Disney Plus Hotstar or Amazon Prime or platforms like domestic G5, almost everyone is breathing down each other’s neck. A drop in customers added like poison to the milk. In this situation, going back to the wall does not bring new ways to Netflix. Netflix introduced Profile Transfer to bring more users and share sharing to the same account. Profile Transfer aims to enable users to get their own accounts.

This week Netflix added a new feature for its users around the world and it is called Profile Transfer. “Today, we’re launching Profile Transfer, a feature that allows users to transfer an account to another profile. As a result, personal preferences, viewing history, own video playlists, saved games and other settings remain unchanged,” Netflix said in a post.

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Netflix is ​​currently testing the feature in select markets. But this time it is bringing this video streaming platform to more users across the globe. Incidentally, Netflix is ​​worried about millions of users sharing their passwords, thereby ruining the possibility of making money from those users.

This feature will encourage users to become subscribers and get personal accounts. Netflix notified users of the profile transfer via e-mail.

How to Transfer Profile:

1) Go to profile icon in Netflix account and a drop-down menu will open.

2) Click on the Profile Transfer option in the drop-down menu.

3) After that, Netflix will show how to become a new member.

Sharing passwords with each other has become a big problem for Netflix, and the platform made the issue public earlier this year.

In addition to the profile transfer feature, Netflix plans to launch its first ad-supported service in select countries next month. However, this new plan will not allow downloads for offline viewing and will show up to 3 minutes of ads per hour. This ad-supported plan is priced at $6.99 (roughly Rs. 600 in India). But now this plan is not coming to the market like India. Netflix already has a special mobile-plan for the Indian market of just Rs. 199 per month, where Netflix can be viewed only on one mobile phone.

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