Iran closes airspace for Azerbaijani military

Iran has closed its airspace to Azerbaijan’s military. This information was given to Baku by Tehran on Tuesday. Azerbaijan used to carry military equipment to Nakhchivan, the autonomous republic of Azerbaijan, via Iran. He has blocked the way to Tehran. A military source told Turkish World.

Azerbaijan believes that Tehran’s decision was persuaded by Armenia.

Baku’s military regularly carried military equipment to Nakhchivan, the autonomous republic of Azerbaijan.

Iran, meanwhile, mostly uses Azerbaijan’s airspace as an international north-south transport corridor.

A military source said Iran’s efforts to send Azerbaijani military equipment to Nakhchivan would be a temporary obstacle. The reason being said, this route is less used for transportation. The country usually prefers other modes of transport.

In several cases, relations between Azerbaijan and Iran are currently strained.

Nakhchivan is an autonomous enclave of the Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan is a semi-desert region. The region is separated from the mainland in Azerbaijan by Armenia. Armenia is bordered by Nakhchivan by the Zanzibar Mountains and by Iran by the Aras River. The Nakhchivan region is very arid and hilly.