Sun News Desk: Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has been recognized as the ‘Strongest Bank of Bangladesh’ in 2022 by The Asian Banker. At the same time, this institution also recognized Islami Bank as the ‘strongest Islamic bank in Bangladesh’.

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Fu Boon Ping, managing editor of The Asian Banker, officially announced the award on the virtual platform on Thursday (November 24).

Muhammad Munirul Mawla, Managing Director and CEO of Islami Bank joined the ceremony as the recipient of the award.

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Singapore-based banking and financial intelligence platform The Asian Banker selected 22 strong banks for 2022 after analyzing data from 500 banks in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, including China, Australia, Hong Kong, India and New Zealand. The award is given on the basis of six indicators – expansion capacity, balance sheet growth, risk position, profitability, asset quality and liquidity. The organization has been giving such awards since 2007.



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