#Dubai: Pakistan won the Asia Cup. But it seems that they do not have much regret! Mohammad Rizwan said, they played well. Sad to lose, but no regrets.

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad has said the wrong things about Afghanistan cricketers. In fact, the memory of the match with the Afghans has been etched in the minds of the Pakistanis.

During the Pakistan-Afghanistan match, heated words were exchanged between the cricketers of the two teams. At one point the situation escalated into a fight. Pakistani stars are still reacting to that match.

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During the match, Pakistan batsman Asif Ali raised his bat towards Afghanistan’s Farid Ahmed. His teammates later calmed him down. There was an uproar over that incident.

After Asif took his wicket, Farid came close to him and started celebrating. Then the atmosphere became heated. The umpire and other players intervened.

Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad expressed anger about this incident. “Pakistan played well,” he told a YouTube channel. But I am disappointed about Afghanistan. Their behavior is very bad these days. We brought them to the world. They practiced in Pakistan. Now I am surprised to hear their language. How old are they? Jumma jumma 8 days old baby they are.

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Miandad also said, ‘Afghan players came to Pakistan and learned cricket. I am a witness. Because I have coached many players. Now I was surprised to see how they behaved! There is no such thing as cricket in your country. The ICC should also look into violations of the Code of Conduct.

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