#Haryana: A few days ago, India’s two World Cup-winning captains, Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni, were seen together on the stage of the US Open. Two cricket legends were keen to watch tennis. Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni were once again seen on the same stage. But this time not as a spectator, but as a player. An invitational golf tournament saw the two World Cup winning captains together. Kapil Dev shared the picture on social media. Where the two former stars were found in good spirits.

This invitational golf tournament was organized in Gurugram, Haryana. 1983 World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev and 2007 T20 World Cup winning captain and 2011 ODI World Cup winning captain MS Dhoni participated there. Posting his picture with Dhoni on social media, Kapil wrote, ‘When cricketers become golfers.’ Kapil is happy to participate in the golf competition with Dhoni, it is proved from the expression of the photo shared by the legendary cricketer.

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Also, a video of Dhoni playing golf in this golf tournament has surfaced. It has been seen how good MS Dhoni is in golf as well as batting. In the video, it was seen that MS Dhoni placed the golf ball and took a strong shot like most professional golfers. It was not clear where the ball landed. Dhoni is also shown to be quite smart and handsome in his golf outing.

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It didn’t take long for these pictures and videos of Dhoni and Kapil to spread on social media. Netizens all loved the Kapil-Dhoni duo. At the same time, netizens are enjoying the golf shot like Dhoni’s big six. Kapil and Dhoni play golf whenever they get time outside of cricket. Especially Kapil Dev also played golf professionally. Bollywood Ranveer Singh also commented on Dhoni and Kapilar in this film.

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