#Mumbai: Everyone wants to make themselves beautiful. Actors and actresses, who have to be in front of the camera all day, they are. Why not? People all over the world are watching that. Many choose creams, spas, make-up, skincare, plastic surgery. Some take botox and other injectable jabs to get ‘perfect’ features. However, not everyone follows the same path.

Koena Mitra said his career is over because his nose is short. Recently, Shruti Haasan also got her nose pierced. Katrina Kaif also chose a path? What do fans think?

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Katrina Kaif visited Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 16 to promote her latest film ‘Phone Bhoot’. Fans thought his face was swollen. They say that Katrina Kaif has completely ruined her beautiful face due to plastic surgery.

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One netizen commented, “I don’t know why Kat is doing this?” Another wrote, “What God gave, plastic surgery took away.”

Incidentally, recently in a comedy show, the actress revealed that her mother-in-law Veena Kashul cooks sweet potatoes for her. Couldn’t eat these because of being on a diet earlier. However, now he eats sweet potatoes.

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