Md Delwar Hossain, Personal Correspondent: Digital Business Network is a popular online community for young people interested in digital business and digital career development.

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Last August 05, the elite five-star hotel Six Seasons of the capital was unveiled. Online skill development organized by Digital Business Network and the university roadshow program ‘Digital Career Bootcamp’ through skill development, the platform has launched their new campaign with one of the convictions of building digital Bangladesh.

The campaign consists of over 40 online webinars and sessions coordinated by industry expert mentors along with over 10 offline campus roadshows. The online event will culminate with a mega offline entrepreneur summit. Also, Junior Club International (JCI) Dhaka West is working as an associate institution of this career bootcamp.

Founder of Digital Business Network SM Belal Uddin said in his speech while launching the program, this career bootcamp is going to be held with the participation of more than 100,000 youth. He also said that the purpose of this bootcamp is to encourage Bangladeshi youths towards digital business and take them one step further through online and offline training that will help those who want to build their careers in digital platforms to develop professional skills.

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The program was jointly inaugurated by Junior Club International (JCI) Dhaka West President Altamish Nabil and Digital Business Network Founder SM Belal Uddin. Other members of Digital Business Network and Junior Club International (JCI) Dhaka West were also present.

Mr. Ilmul Haque Sajib, Director of E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (E-Cab) and Co-Founder of Seba XYZ, Dr. Tanjiba Rahman, Chairman of Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society, Head of Marketing of Daily Star and Junior Club International also spoke at the launch programme. Its National General Legal Council Imran Qadir, CEO of Bangladesh Institute of Technology and Management Talukder Mohammad Sabbir, Founder of AirBringr Mr. Ashiq Noon, Co-Chair of Global Market Development of Bangladesh Association of Contact Centers and Outsourcing Abdullah Al Mamun and many others.

Everyone present was more than excited about this career bootcamp and expressed their hope that the entire event will be executed brilliantly. The associations also expressed their interest in the Digital Business Network to collaborate further on how to work more collaboratively on youth skill development.

By mastering these sessions, a young person can prepare themselves for freelancing, starting their own business or starting a career in an IT organization.

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One can join this online career bootcamp by registering completely free of charge through the website of Digital Business Network ( and when the industry expert mentors will hold sessions on any topic will also be published step by step through the platform’s website and social media platforms.

Stay connected with the Digital Business Network platform to join the program completely free. By mastering these sessions, a young person can prepare themselves for freelancing, starting their own business or starting a career in an IT organization.

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