Tech Tips: Almost everyone is aware of the features of Gmail. That is, no one knows what e-mail is and how to use it. Nowadays the use of e-mail is ubiquitous. Adding your signature at the end of every mail is the best option to give it a more professional touch. Signatures can be easily updated in all e-mail applications.

A signature at the end of every e-mail not only adds a touch of professionalism, but also makes you stand out from the crowd. And it looks very good. Let’s know in detail how to add signature to Gmail.

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How to add signature from Android?

To add your signature from an Android device, first open the Gmail app. Clicking on the top left menu option will bring up several options. From there scroll down and enter the settings. This time, you have to choose the Google account you want to sign with. Now tap on mobile signature. Sign here and click ‘OK’ to finish the job.

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How to add signature from computer?

To sign e-mail from a computer, you must first open Gmail. Clicking on Settings at the top right will bring up several options. Choose from the signature section. Clicking on it will open a box. There must be a signature. Even images can be added. The font design can also be changed. Messages can also be formatted. Click on ‘Save Changes’ when everything is done.

How to add signature on iPhone or iPad?

Gmail signature can also be set-up from iPhone or iPad. For this, first open Gmail app from iPhone or iPad. This time you have to tap on the menu. After that scroll down and enter the settings option. Go to Signature Settings and activate Mobile Signature Settings. After that, add or edit the mobile signature and save it.

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