#Kolkata: Those who have an iPhone (iPhone) often face various problems. And if the user prefers to use a Windows PC instead of an Apple computer, then so be it. In that case there are more problems. Because iOS is considered as a closed source operating system. The biggest problem is the wired file transfer between Windows PC and iPhone. Many may think that if there was a feature like ‘AirDrop’, then this problem would be solved immediately!

Well, what if there was a way to transfer files from PC to iOS or from iOS to PC wirelessly? In fact, this would solve the file transfer problem. You don’t have to do anything special for this. First you just need to change some settings. After that, you can achieve your goals smoothly. But remember that in order to use this feature, two devices must be connected to the same network. And to use this feature on Windows PC the following steps have to be taken.

What to do to transfer files from Windows PC to iPhone wirelessly?

First create a new folder. Where to save your files.

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Right click on the folder and go to ‘Properties’. Now go to ‘Sharing’ (Sharing) option.

Go to the sharing tab and click on the ‘Share’ option. First select ‘Everyone’ and then ‘Add’ from the drop down menu. Click Share from the bottom of the dialog box to save the settings.

Now open the ‘Advanced Sharing’ option in the Sharing tab. Now see ‘Share This Folder’ option and give all permissions.

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Open System Settings. After that go to Network and Internet. After that the user has to go to Network and Sharing Center.

Click on ‘Change Advanced Sharing Settings’ (Change Advanced Sharing Settings) at the top left. Go to All Networks and select ‘Turn off password protected sharing’. ‘Public Folder Sharing’ must be turned on using 128-bit encryption.

What to do on iPhone to share files wirelessly on iPhone?

Open the ‘Files’ app and go directly to the three dotted menu at the top left of the screen.

Click on ‘Connect to Server’. Here the user has to enter his PC IP address. There you have to select ‘Guest’ option.

Now users can exchange files between Windows PC and iOS devices.

After that the user will see the folder, which he has shared on his PC. Also you can use all important files.

At first though, the set-up may seem like a bit of a hassle. But once the system is ready to use, the user can easily access PC files on their iOS device. Other essentials like video streaming are also possible. Drag and drop any file into the shared folder. Only then those files can be easily accessed wirelessly. So what is the need for ‘airdrop’ now?

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