#Kolkata: Recently, another new actress Sukanya Dutt has accused the new Tollywood director Bappa of sexual harassment. In a recent Facebook post, Sukanya claimed that Bappa told her that popular actress Basbadatta Chattopadhyay got an opportunity in his film ‘Shaharer Upakatha’ by doing a workshop on ‘bold’ scenes. After Sukanya’s A’Hen post, Basbadatta was silent! But finally opened his mouth!

Annoyed actress did Facebook live in the middle of shooting! In his words, “For the last two days there has been a lot of discussion about a topic… The director of ‘Shaharer Upakatha’ Bappa and an actress named Sukanya Dutta are being written about in various places. It is said that there was a discussion between Bappa and Sukanya about some work. I don’t know what it is, I’m not supposed to know. I only know Bappa as a director. Apart from this, it is beyond my scope to know how he is in his personal life, whether he is talking about any work with anyone else.”

Basbadatta also said live, “Sukanya is claiming that she must have talked to Bappa for one of the characters! They didn’t do their job. I do not know what happened between them! But one thing is being written in various places, the actress gets a chance to work by doing a bold scene workshop with Basbadatta or Bappa. First of all, the first work I did with Bappa was his first work. ‘Fable of the city’. As those who have read the original play and seen the movie will know, there are no bold scenes here.

He then questioned the interpretation of the ‘bold’ scene, saying, “The first thing we think of when we say bold is that there will be something sexual.” But the meaning of the word bold is not limited to this. Boldness refers to a courage to go somewhere. ”

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