Mumbai: Amir Kanya Ira’s love affair with Nupur Shikhar in Bollywood has been rumored for several years Nupur got down on one knee and proposed in Iraq at a cycling event last month The couple got engaged in a grand party on Friday

A bunch of stars from tinsel town were present at the Chander Hat basat party Aamir’s ex-second wife Kiran Rao, nephew Imran Khan, actress Fatima Sana Sheikh and director Ashutosh Gowariker were among the guests. Engagement party pictures and videos are trending on the internet now

On this special day, Ira wore a strapless gown The outfit was accompanied by trendy hairstyles and flamboyant neckpieces Ira’s white lace shoes also caught the eye His fiancee Nupur was also dressed in western style

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Amir’s future father-in-law was wearing a white kurta Last month, Ira was present at Nupur’s cycling event There, Nupur proposed to him in front of everyone Ira also shared that romantic video on social media

Ira sealed their relationship in February 2021 He announced his love affair with Nupur on Instagram on the occasion of Promise Day during the Valentine’s Day week celebration. Since then it has been said on social media that they are in love Along with their own photos, they also shared photos of their family members

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