#New Delhi: Lovlina won bronze in the welterweight category at the Tokyo Olympics. After that he was out of competition for about nine months. Departed from the pre-quarter finals of the World Championship. According to Lovlina’s complaint, he had to face problems there as well. Lovlina complains that a lot has changed after the Olympics. He has to take a lot of extra responsibility, which he is not able to take the pressure.

Boxer Lovlina Bargohani raised a heated debate before the Commonwealth Games. The Olympic medalist accused the authorities of mental torture. He said that what has happened to him in the last few days due to the change of coach, the preparation has been disrupted a lot.

He complained that one of his coaches was not allowed to enter the Commonwealth Games Village. Another coach has been sent home immediately. After much pleading, a coach was allowed to practice but by the time the damage was done. Lovlina shared her experience in a long post on the internet.

He wrote, “Today I am deeply saddened to inform you that I have been subjected to mental torture.” The coaches who helped me win medals at the Olympics were suddenly removed. This greatly interfered with my practice. One of those coaches is Dronacharya awardee Sandhya Gurungji. Both have been included in the practice after many requests. But too late.

Lovlina also wrote, “I had to face a lot of problems in practice and it took a toll on me mentally.” Now my coach Sandhya Gurungji is not allowed to stay in Commonwealth Village. Entry is not allowed. I was off training for eight days before the Games.

My second coach has been sent to India. After many pleas, he had to be mentally tortured. Don’t know how to focus on games. Want to win a medal to answer the face of politics. Her father Tiken, however, advised her daughter to forget all this and focus on her own sport. The whole country is looking at her daughter.

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