#Hobart: At 22 yards, fortune has always turned away from South Africa. That may be the reason why the Proteas are yet to win the World Cup in any format. This time at the beginning of the T20 World Cup, the victory of the Del Temba Babumara team was elusive even against easy opponents. And even if a few balls get a chance or get on the field, the victory is certain, from there South Africa has to be satisfied with 1 point. Courtesy of Rain.

In the South Africa vs Zimbabwe match, play started from the start due to rain. After the rain subsided for some time, it was decided to play the match in 9 overs. Batting first in the match, Zimbabwe lost 5 wickets and scored 79 runs in 9 overs. South came out to bat and after scoring 24 runs in 1.1 overs, it started raining again. In that situation, the Proteas set a target of 64 runs in 7 overs again under the DLS rules.

Due to the possibility of rain, South Africa started to bat at the speed of the storm. After scoring 51 runs in 3 overs, it rained again. A T20 match requires at least 5 overs to be decided. If 5 overs were played, South Africa’s target would have been 46. Which the Proteas passed by batting 3 overs. But after 3 overs it was not possible to start the game. The match was declared abandoned. As a result, South Africa had to be satisfied with 1 point in the winning match.

Pakistan and India benefit from this rate. And the big loss is South Africa. Being in the same group, the Proteas may have to pay for losing points against smaller teams in the next stage. And after the loss against India, Pakistan may have a tough match against South Africa. Earlier, Pakistan also benefited from wasting points against Zimbabwe.

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