Mbappe wanted to leave PSG before Messi joined
Mbappe wanted to leave PSG before Messi joined

Lionel Messi has been found as a partner this season. But Killian Mbappe did not want to stay in PSG even after getting Messi as a partner. Neymar was still in the team, this time Mbappe did not agree to share the light with Messi. So many tried to go to Real Madrid. That is what was being said. Mbappe has not said anything about this for so long. Finally the truth is known. The French forward has opened his mouth with the drama of his change of team.

Mbappe has advanced a lot in the way of Messi. Messi could not leave Barcelona after hundreds of attempts last season. He later expressed his anger in an interview with Mbappe could not leave PSG after many attempts this time. The difference between Messi and Mbopp is that Messi was angry with the club president. In an interview with RMC Sport, Mbappe looked at the club’s sports director Leonardo.

During the transfer window, PSG’s sports director Leonardo admitted that Mbappe wanted to leave the team. Real Madrid have made an offer in hopes of getting him. Although Leonardo claims that with such a low (160 million euros) offer, Real are actually playing a strategy game with PSG. Although the drama has been going on for a week during the transfer season, Mbappe did not open his mouth about it then.

Leonardo said at the time that PSG was not getting a chance to bring in a replacement for Neymar just a week ago. But Mbappe denied Leonardo’s claim in an interview with RMC, “I wanted to leave. Because, at the moment I didn’t want to renew the contract, I wanted the club to get the money for the transfer so that the club could come up with a better option. ‘

The fact that he is angry with Leonardo in this regard is evident in the following words, “Yes, what has been spread …” “He is coming in the last week of August,” I personally did not like. Because, it’s a lie. I said at the end of July, I want to leave the club. ‘

This special interview of MBAP will be aired on TV at 6 pm local time on Tuesday. Some magnetic parts of that interview have been published in the French media today. “People say I’ve returned six or seven contract renewals so far, and I’m not talking to Leonardo now,” he said. But all this is a lie. ‘

Even though he wants to leave PSG, his love for his hometown club is still unbroken. And that’s why he wanted to sell him to PSG, ‘This is a club that has given me a lot. The four years I spent here, I was always happy and still happy. I announced a long time ago, so that the club can handle. I wanted everyone to be satisfied at the end of this shift. Everyone hands-on decision Nick, let there be a good deal (but it didn’t happen) and I respect that. I said, “If you don’t want to leave me, I’ll stay.”

“Killian, now you talk to the president (Nasser al-Khelaifi),” he was quoted as saying in an interview. My position was clear. I said I wanted to go and I said that long ago. ‘

Leonardo, meanwhile, is still optimistic about holding on to Mbappe, as he told Canal Plus a few days ago: “I can’t imagine Mbappe leaving the team at the end of the season. No one is thinking about the future of PSG except Killian. ‘