International Desk: Giorgia Meloni, 45, of the Brothers of Italy, is poised to lead Italy’s most hard-right government since World War II.

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Italy is set to get a new female prime minister, according to preliminary results in Sunday’s (September 25) election.

Matteo Salvini’s League and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia coalition, along with Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, received about 44 percent of the vote in the election. This has been confirmed by the preliminary results of the country’s Ministry of Interior, BBC reported.

The BBC and Bloomberg reported in a report that the Brothers of Italy had received about 26 percent of the vote. In the 2018 elections, the party got only 4 percent of the vote.

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The party of Matteo Salvini, Meloni’s main ally, got 9 percent of the vote. In the last election, his party ‘League for Salvini Premier’ got 17 percent of the vote.

The other party in the alliance is Forza Italia of former prime minister and former owner of AC Milan, Silvio Berlusconi. This party got 8 percent of the votes.

In a speech after the election results were announced on Monday night (September 26), Georgia Meloni said, ‘This is the time to take responsibility. If we are called to form a government, we will work for all Italians, we will work to unite the people.

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The Brothers of Italy party will be the government of everyone and we will not betray the people’s trust’. “Thank you Italy,” he added while speaking in Rome.

One of Meloni’s first challenges was to draft a budget plan. The draft is to be submitted to the European Union and Parliament and approved by the end of the year.

Italy’s economy is slowing down. The new prime minister has to deal with several crises, including Russian aggression in Ukraine, rising energy prices and rising interest rates.

Salvini, meanwhile, told reporters on Monday that he was counting on the next government to last a full five-year parliamentary term. He said, ‘We will work with Georgia for a long time.

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He further said that an energy decree is necessary to protect families and businesses affected by rising fuel prices and is the first test for the new government.

Salvini called for 30 billion euros (29 billion) in new loans to protect households and businesses. Meloni, on the other hand, said it would be a last resort.

Enrico Letta, the leader of Italy’s main opposition party, announced on Monday that he would resign in the wake of his defeat in Sunday’s general election.

The leader of the center-left Democratic Party said he would not seek a new mandate to lead his party. He also asked Congress to elect a new leader.

Incidentally, although Meloni’s coalition won by a large margin, the voter turnout in this election was very low.

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The country has spent €66 billion so far to protect households and businesses from rising electricity prices, and more is needed. This has made it difficult to keep the country’s huge debt under control.

Georgia Meloni’s government work experience is not much. Now Meloni has to prove himself as someone who can really tackle the challenges facing the Italian economy.

“Let me say that being conservative means being conservative about your country’s public finances,” said Domenico Lombardi, director general of the conservative think tank Kipselli. Source: Bloomberg, BBC.

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