#Chittagong: Terrible train accident in Chittagong. A microbus loaded with passengers was overturned by a train while crossing an unguarded railway crossing. Eleven people have already died in the accident. Five others were seriously injured. They are undergoing treatment at Chittagong Medical College Hospital’s Neuro Surgery Department. Several of them are in critical condition. As a result, the death toll is expected to increase.

According to the police sources, the microbus got twisted and twisted by the impact of the morning train from Dhaka to Chittagong at Mirsrai Baratakia area of ​​Chittagong at around 1:30 pm on Friday. All those who were in the car at that time were students. Along with the teachers of the coaching center Khaiyachara went for a walk in the fountain. The tragic accident happened while returning home. 11 people died on the spot.

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According to the Bangladesh Railway Authority, the microbus was coming at a high speed, loaded with students. Straight up on the rail line as there is no gateman. Just at that time, the Dhaka-Chittagong Mahanagar Prabhati train hit the car at high speed. Everything ends in a moment. The laughter of the students is blood pressure. It is known that the car collided with the train for about one kilometer.

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Azim sub-registrar of the upazila was killed in the accident of this day. Yusuf’s son, micro driver Golam Mostafa Niru (26), Mohammad Hasan (17), Ziaul Haque Sajeeb (22), Wahidul Alam Jisan (23), teacher Riduan Chowdhury (22), Sagar (17), Iqbal Hossain Maruf (17), Moshab Ahmed Hisam (16), Tasmir Hasan (17), Md. Mahim (17), Mustafa Masood Rakib (19).

Five students injured in the train accident in Mirsrai are currently undergoing treatment at Chittagong Medical College Hospital’s neurosurgery department. According to hospital sources, 5 students are suffering from polytrauma. After treatment in neuro medicine department, they will be treated again in orthopedic department. Because some of them have broken bones in different parts of the body. After this day’s accident, the railway formed a committee of 5 members, the gateman was arrested.

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