New Delhi: Considering the situation in Ukraine, the Ministry of External Affairs has issued guidelines for Indian students in that country. The directive says that no Indian student or anyone else should go to Ukraine at this time. The Ministry of External Affairs has advised all Indian citizens and students still in Ukraine to return immediately. Indian Embassy in Kiev has also issued a notification in this regard.

On October 13, Russia attacked a market in the city of Avdivka, Ukraine. Seven people died there, 8 others were injured This market collapses in front of Russian shelling There were many people there then, as a result their lives were in doubt In addition, Ukraine has alleged that a Ukrainian army officer has been abducted by the Russian army. All in all, the situation is still quite worrying On August 14, an official of the American intelligence agency said that Russia has started a new and stronger attack. This time the target of the attack may be administrative buildings and government infrastructure.

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There is evidence that the fear of the American intelligence officer, who does not want to be named, is not unfounded. US citizens still in Ukraine have been told to leave the country immediately. The guidelines also state that if you hear any explosions or sirens, move to a safe place quickly. Take shelter on the lowest floor of the residence. Avoid around walls or windows that are open to the outside.

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Meanwhile, the opposition raised questions about the future of Indian students returning from Ukraine. In the affidavit given by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the Supreme Court last September, it is said that there is no law in the National Medical Commission to make arrangements for medical students studying abroad to study in this country.

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