#Kolkata: Sweets are coming instead of sweets. Soumitrisha Kundu will be seen in a new form. Which is not similar to the previous sweets. Meanwhile, Siddharth and Mithai’s son is also growing up slowly. Various surprises are coming in this series. As a result of that, the audience again became interested in the Modak family? As a result, Mega’s numbers increased significantly this week. But ‘Mithai’ was in the seventh place.

List of Bengali Mega Serials of this week:

the first Jagaddhatri
the second A touch of affection
the third the dust
Fourth grasshopper
the fifth Toy House and Ekka Dokka
the sixth Constipation and weakness
the seventh Nawab Nandini, Gauri L, Mithai,
the eighth Letter from Mr
the ninth Lakshmi Kakima Superstar
the tenth Har Gauri Pais Hotel

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On the other side, ‘Jagadhatri’ fought. The number has increased a lot this mega. It is in the first place. The TRP of the serial has increased a lot since Jagaddhatri Puja. This mega is winning the hearts of the audience only for the tense moments.

Deepa is going to be a mother in Anurag’s touching serial, Surya is not there. But even on this difficult day, Surya’s mother is by her side. The number has increased a lot this mega. This mega is in second place.

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Lalan and Phulzhuri’s marriage will break up? The hero is getting closer to the pheasant. Meanwhile, Phuljhuri is spending days in pain. But did the audience get a hint of the end of Lalan-Fuljhuri’s relationship? The distance between the hero and the heroine is what draws the audience closer? This mega indicated that by occupying the third place.

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