#Kolkata: One win changed the whole situation. The suffocating situation is gone from East Bengal. This is what the red and yellow supporters wanted. A big win at the Guwahati ground ahead of the derby instilled confidence in the team. Although the North East is not very good in person, a win at the home ground of the opposition always boosts the confidence of a team.

Mental strength increases several times. This has now happened to the East Bengal team. The team is back in rhythm. Which gives enough relief to East Bengal coach Stephen Constantine before the derby. He is careful to ensure that the team’s focus does not waver. So Ivan issued a fatwa on the Claytons. Before a big match, you can’t open your mouth in front of the media.

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In addition to discipline, Stephen also emphasized practice. Mohun Bagan has been in a holiday mood for the past two days. But the British coach made Suherd practice regularly. Coach Constantine also took time out to visit a Kali Puja mandap in South Kolkata. On the occasion of Diwali, gifts were given to the footballers by the management.

In addition to strengthening the defense, the East Bengal coach is emphasizing on the practice to overcome the shortcomings of the attack. The tool he wants to use wing play to break the green-maroon defense is evident in the red-yellow practice. The addition of two promising attackers Himanshu Jangra and Aniket Yadav has strengthened the team’s attack.

Midfielder Alex Lima and forward Aleandro Fite. In such a situation, the British coach will have some difficulty in choosing four foreign footballers in the first eleven of the derby. Three defenders Sarthak Golui, Lalchunnunga and Jerry gave hope in the last match. Ivan Gonzalez was the only foreign stopper to show faltering.

Stephen is also averse to major changes in winning combinations. Australian footballer Jordan, Cypriot Kyriakou played great football. Brazil’s Clayton Silva has made his breed known as long as he has been on the field. So this time East Bengal will not leave it easily to Mohun Bagan. They narrowly lost the Durand Cup, that too by an own goal. Now the red yellow brigade is desperate to turn the wheel.

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