Paradeep Ghosh, Kolkata: Damadol again before kicking the ball in the Premier A Division Super Six match in the Kolkata Football League. Mohun Bagan has already informed this about their inability to drop the team in the Kolkata League. Bhabanipur club has written to IFA.

Bhavanipur club supremo Srinjoy Bose wrote to IFA on Saturday and said that there is great uncertainty about the completion of the Premier A Division of the Kolkata League. Mohun Bagan has informed this of their decision. In the letter, Srinjay demanded that Emami East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting Club clarify their position.

According to Srinjay, once ISL and I-League start, Emami East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting’s participation in the Super Six is ​​virtually certain. In that case, small clubs like Bhavanipur, Erian, Khidirpur will be in trouble. The budget of the clubs has already increased due to the late start and prolonged duration of the Kolkata Football League. The so-called small clubs in Maidan are facing financial problems.

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Apart from this, the supremo of Bhavanipur club complained that it was decided to announce the sports schedule by lottery in the meeting, but later the sports schedule of Super Six was finalized without lottery. As a result, big clubs have benefited. Srinjay has accused the small clubs of disrespectful behavior.

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IFA Secretary Anirban Dutt said that due to lack of time, the sports schedule could not be announced by lottery. However, Anirbanbabu is still optimistic about finishing the league.

But it goes without saying that the situation is getting increasingly complicated. The Super Six starts on Sunday with East Bengal vs Khidirpur at Naihati Stadium and Mohammedan vs Ariyan at Kalyani Stadium. Mohun Bagan was supposed to take the field on Monday, September 26. Opponent Srinjay Bhavanipur. It was announced by Mohun Bagan on Saturday about their decision. In this situation, the entanglement increased further in the letter of Bhavanipur. All in all, before the start of the Super Six, there was a lot of excitement across the field.

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